Thursday, 29 June 2017


Its been so long we avoided going for a trek because of summer. But it was too much wait and we decided to visit Hadsar Fort on 6th May 2017. Look at our guts to go on the trek in the burning temperature where everything is dry on the mountain, No water, yellow dried fields, heating temperature and humidity about 88%. 

Myself (Rahul), Amol Ghemud and Abhijeet Gunjal, 3 of us were on the trek. We have started our journey from Kurla at around 7am in morning in Abhi's WagonR. He was accompanied by his father as they wanted to go to Alephata for family function. Amol was going to come from pune side So he will have to wait for us till we reach junnar. We reached Junnar at around 11:15am, by the time Amol was already burning in anger as we were late by an hour almost. After having Misal pav and tea at Junnar we left for the base village Hadsar of Hadsar fort. The road is quite good till the base village. We reached Hadsar village at around 11:45am.

We got our bags ready and after some discussion with village people we started climbing on the trail towards Hadsar fort. The weather was very dry and temperature risen almost 40 degrees at afternoon. Since the trek was only 1 hour climb we took it easy and kept walking. 

There is a bus stop in village and from there you will need to walk about 25 meters towards the well, keeping hadsar fort on your right, after walking that much on village road you will see there is a prominent trail on the right which goes up towards the fort. We embarked on the trail and began our trek at around 12:15pm. We knew this is too late to take this trek since its heat season but we had no option than climb. We were talking and walking slowly slowly steady on the path and after about 15 minutes you will come in open area where you will see the hadsar fort wall in North-west direction. 

There are 3 routes which will take you to the top of the fort. One route is easy and has simple steps which will take you to the Southern side fort entrance. Where as there is a Nali route at the Eastern side which is only 15 minutes climb upto the entrance. Its a fairly easy but need to be careful during rainy season because of the falling stones. The third entrance is at the Northern side of the fort. There is a difficult rock patch that side and need to be climbed with care and safety. 

Stairs route on the western side entrance
Nali route
Traverse climb from nali upto the entrance of the fort on western side

When you reach the entrance you see there is a marvelous sculpture design of the bastion and the fort entrance, which is not seen elsewhere. They are all carved from a single rock.


When you enter through the first entrance you come on the wall of entrance. From here you could see surrounding region and remains of the bastion. 

Moving further you get into one more entrance of the fort which takes you to the top platue. The fortification and design is so amazing. 

2nd entrance
When you enter their is a storage space or vacant space on the left and right side of entrance. 

 We sat here for some time ate some food and then moved further.

 Then you climb few stairs to reach on the top of the fort. 

When you reach a top, the cool breeze will embrace you with its arms. It was so refreshing and enriching experience. There are many water cisterns on the top. One is at the southern entrance.  Though they were empty. 

There is a huge pond on top of the fort towards northern side while walking towards Shiva Temple. 
In rainy season this is a ample water for people to drink.

Shiv mandir
We went to Shivmandir and we found 2-3 people came from village to see the pujari baba to do some rituals. They wrote our name in the visitor's book. There are stone cut idols of Ganesh, Garud and Hanuman in the temple. After praying to the idols in temple we went to visit Dhanya Kothar (Store).


Its amazing to see the fortification in very good condition. We had good time visiting this beautiful ancient historical fort which were meant for protection of the ancient commercial trade route from Mawal region to kalyan via naneghat. If you go to the northern side of the fort there is a Hanuman idol which is made by cutting rock.


While descending from the Southern side we saw a bhuyar in the wall of the fort. May be this was bhuyari marg or a place to hide for soldiers. We also found a Scorpion dead on our trail back to harsar.

Do visit the fort if you get a chance.Everyone must visit this fort ones at least. One can hire a Jeep from junnar to reach hadsar village. If you need any information, can always reach me on 9320309636. Stay safe. Save forts. 

*We didn't fount a place to accommodation for group on fort.
*Water is ample till january-february.
*Food must be carried on your own
*Careful about poisonous insects and animals on the trail

See you next time with some more location and photos. 
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